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At Accurately Yours Accounting Solutions, I prioritize personal client relationships, offering California businesses top-tier, individualized accounting support.

About Accurately Yours Accounting Solutions

Founded in 1988 by the committed and passionate Cindy Conklin, Accurately Yours Accounting Solutions embarked on a mission to redefine client relationships in the accounting world. Disillusioned by the impersonal approach of larger firms, Cindy wanted more than numbers on a balance sheet. She wanted genuine connections. Over the years, her belief that every client is unique and not just a transaction has shaped my ethos. From fledgling startups to established businesses, I take pride in educating my clients equipping them with best practices in bookkeeping and accounting tailored to their needs in California.

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About Cindy Conklin

Meet Cindy Conklin, the heart and brain behind Accurately Yours Accounting Solutions. With a 35-year career as an Accountant and owner-operator, Cindy has left indelible marks in private and public accounting sectors. A few years ago, she took a leap of faith, stepping away from the hustle of CPA firms to focus entirely on her brainchild. A decision motivated by her passion to offer clients the undivided attention they truly deserve. She is not just an accountant; Cindy has been a certified Elite QuickBooks ProAdvisor for many years, ensuring her clients get the best software deals. Licensed by the IRS and approved by CTEC to prepare taxes, Cindy ensures her knowledge is evergreen, always updated, and always ready to serve. Cindy is the name to remember if you're in Citrus Heights and need a QuickBooks ProAdvisor who prioritizes you.

My Mission

Guiding businesses towards successful financial futures with compassion and expertise.

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Accurately Yours Accounting Solutions provides bookkeeping, tax planning and preparation and expert accounting services in California, serving clients across Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Davis, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Reno, NV.